The ultimate tip for staying hydrated…it’s not what you think

staying hydrated with salt

Water is fundamental to staying hydrated, but it ain’t nothin’ without electrolytes.

And if you think you can get the electrolytes you need from Gatorade and such drinks, have at it. I, however, offer another perspective. A minority report, so to speak. It’s SALT that you need to stay hydrated. Potassium too, but let’s start with salt.

I do not believe the hype about drinking lots of water—on playa, in daily life, anywhere. And I don’t believe the hype about salt. Industrialized salt is terrible for you, but artisanal salt is foundational to your health. You can disagree with me, and you probably do. No worries. To me, the water hype (and the admonition about the volume of water modern-day Americans are encouraged to drink) simply doesn’t jive with human history, and I genuinely believe the water craze is marketing bunk in an echo chamber where no one has stopped to ask, “Is this legit?”

Now, I do understand the importance of hydration, and in order to be hydrated, one needs intracellular and extracellular hydration… and for that one needs electrolytes.

Get Piran Sel Gris. You’re welcome.

I promise you, if you get this particular and exact salt (from this specific source) and consume it daily on playa (several times a day!), your experience with your health and vitality at Burning Man will be different and for the better. Feeling hungry? Have some salt. Feeling tired? Have some salt. Feeling like not eating…anything, ever again? Have some salt. This salt is unlike anything you’ve ever consumed before. Dissolve it in your mouth; gift it generously.

Of all my pro tips, this is THE PRO TIP to beat them all: purchase Piran Sel Gris salt from this online store, put it in small resealable plastic bags (or some sort of small container) and carry it with you always. I highly encourage you to get the specific salt I’m recommending here. Why? Because it works in your favor if the salt is tasty, and this is really tasty salt. (Obviously, if you find a salt you like and will willingly and enthusiastically put in your mouth three, four, five, six times a day, go for it!)

It’s tasty!

To most people I’ve shared Piran Sel Gris salt with, they find it astoundingly tasty, which is not true for all salts. This salt has desire built into it. You’ll see when you taste it. It’s an activator. This near-magical salt can have up to 70+ electrolytes, and it’s the electrolytes that support intracellular hydration; It’s the electrolytes that support your cells releasing waste, it’s the electrolytes that help your cells receive hydration, and it’s the electrolytes that support so much of your overall cellular health.

It costs more

Please don’t be swayed by the high cost of this salt versus the industrial generic salt you may be used to buying. It’s like the difference between buying a hand-crafted artisanal cheese from a French farmer, who knows all of her cows by name, and buying Kraft cheese slices, pre-wrapped in plastic. Which would you rather have (from a health and energy perspective)?

It can save your life

This salt can save your life, or at least make you feel more comfortable and your body more stable. I’ve often given people salt when they’re feeling nauseous, faint or dehydrated at the burn. Several large crystals work wonders … and quickly.

How to use it

Here’s what to do: take a small pinch of Piran Sel Gris salt crystals, put them on your tongue, and let them dissolve in your mouth. Do this several times a day, or more, and start taking the salt when you arrive in Reno. Share the salt crystals with others, take it day and night … and drink less water. Yes, less water. More salt.

You can add it to your food, too, though the grains are large and it doesn’t work so great as a table salt, though it does work well on roasts and on heavier dishes.

If you haven’t figured it out by now in reading The Survival Guide and First-timers’ Guide, your body is about to get stretched beyond its normal range of experiences. Be kind to it with this near-magical salt. Your cells will love you and will be able to do their job all the better.

Photo by Nikita Andreev on Unsplash

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