RIP, Larry Harvey, Founder of Burning Man

Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man, died today

RIP, Larry Harvey, founder of #BurningMan. Your vision, dedication, bad*ssery and ability to adapt in the face of constant change has changed my life in ways I could never imagine but of which I only dreamed.

My heart has been opened; my understanding of myself, expanded; my experience of community, strengthened; and my “right to party,” dance, play, frolic and revel in my body/heart/mind/soul empowered by the seed of your creation and your nurturance of it over the past few decades.

Thank you, a thousand times over.

I’m so, so glad you were able to see Burning Man celebrated at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery and to see your creation honored so.

If there was ever a person for whom the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” applies, it’s you.

Blessings on your next round of adventures.

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