Personal transportation plans to the playa (and back out)

airplane against the moon

How you arrive on the playa and how you get out is a critical part of your Burning Man planning. Your travel plans could be as simple as I live a few hours from the Black Rock Desert, I’m driving my own car, no one else will be in my car, planning complete. For me, I have nine different travel steps to consider and plan for. Nine steps involved in my personal transportation plans to get in and out of Black Rock City.

I typically fly into Reno, which means I am usually car-less, and all the legs of my journey need to be pre-planned, arranged, coordinated and/or paid for.

While your logistics will be unique to you and your travel plans, I’m listing below the legs of my journey I need to arrange for. (My gear-transportation logistics are another matter wholly.) My steps (to jigger your thinking) are —

  1. Ride to local airport (ride from a family member or friend)
  2. Flight to Reno Airport (flight reservation)
  3. Reno airport to Reno hotel (shuttle)
  4. Errands and food shopping in Reno(Uber, shared car with campmates)
  5. Reno to the playa (ride with campmates, Burner Express, etc.)
  6. Exodus – the playa back to Reno and my hotel(ride with campmates, Burner Express, etc.)
  7. Reno hotel to Reno airport (shuttle from hotel)
  8. Flight from Reno to home airport. (flight reservation)
  9. Airport to home (ride from a family member or friend)

Getting my gear from my home to the playa to my camp…oy, vey! That’a a whole different ball of wax!

A note about car rentals

After renting a car one year and getting stuck with the majority of a 10-day car rental, I’m of the “never again” camp, and I do anything I can not to rent a car. I look for rides with campmates and am willing to pay generously for my share in a rental car. Heads up, if you end up renting a car (or are sharing costs), it’s wise to agree to the shared price per seat ahead of time. I recommend that you charge differently for the leg in and leg out. And remember to factor in your Black Rock City vehicle pass cost as well as a full car detail and engine cleaning afterward.

Many legs. Many details.

Airplane Photo by Ian Simmonds on Unsplash

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