Links for Surviving (and Thriving at) Burning Man: A Packing List for First-Timers

  • The packing list (a google spreadsheet that can be copied and tweaked for your personal use)
  • Website –
  • Facebook – likes and reviews appreciated
  • eBook – the book is $.99 (Amazon’s lowest book price) and profits from the book go directly to Burning Man camps I’ve camped with or am with

My books

Once every 90 days, I offer my all of books as free downloads. By liking my FB pages (Uber Chronicles and Surviving Burning Man), you’ll get updates on future free downloads.

Book reviews
Amazon loves to see activity on a book’s page [downloads and book reviews by “verified purchasers” (people who’ve actually downloaded a book)]. If you’ve benefitted from the information in my Surviving (and Thriving at) Burning Man: A Packing List for First-Timers book, I’d be most grateful for a short review on Amazon.

Affiliate links

I have affiliate links in some of the content I create. The various links are connected to accounts for—

  • My elderly father (update: he passed away in late 2018);
  • My first camp and the camp I ran for several years (More Carrot, Black Rock City’s Farmers Market); and
  • For me; I also include the links to my books for sale on Amazon and to my Nerium high-end, biomedical, anti-aging products business.

I’m okay with making some money off of the work I’ve done here, and I’m okay sending some funds to my prior camp and to my dad. If you’re okay with that too, you’re invited to use the affiliate links. If you’re not okay with it (and that’s absolutely cool), then simply do a Google search, and you’ll find plenty of choices for what you seek.


Stay dusty, my friends!