Burning Man-focused Videos

When I first went to Burning Man in 2010, there were about a dozen tips and tricks videos I could find on YouTube. Now, there are hundreds! Poke around. Spend countless hours watching, learning and getting acculturated to this lovely community to which you’ll be bringing your fabulous self. Here are just some of the videos available.

Burning Man Tips for First Timers

There is a phenomenal YouTube Playlist of video tips created by YouTuber Project Pterodactyl. Incredible. So valuable. You need to watch these.

John “Halcyon” Styn’s videos

So many tips about Burning Man! Halcyon attended his 20th burn in 2017. He is a fount of wisdom, knowledge and love. Scan his prolific videos and watch a few, or many.

About Gate Perimeter Exodus at Burning Man

The gate perimeter crew has a distinctly different role than the greeting crew. Respect the gate crew’s rules because, well, you have to.

Burning Man Tutorial: Living in a Tent in the Desert

This video of how one woman sets up her tent at Burning Man visually demonstrates many of the tips I recommend. (Yes she has shelves!) Notice at 0:58 she even has a cup dedicated to her toothbrush! The video shows that she packs cheap red wine, ziplock bags for everything clumped into open baskets, a dirty clothes hamper, a car trunk organizer, and, and, and …

Burning Man Tips and Tricks for Virgins 2

This gal advocates for virgins to be part of a camp, which I support too!

And many, many more. Explore YouTube. Maybe you’ll even make your own videos in the years ahead!